Currently SICCP has eight full time staff. Please meet our team manning the head office in Honiara and two sub-offices in the Western Province at Batuna in Marovo Lagoon and Munda.
Seno Mauli – CEO SICCP
Chief Executive Officer.
Ms Senoveva Mauli is SICCP’s CEO. After completing her degree studies at the University of the South Pacific, Ms. Mauli worked as a Regional Registry Officer at the Forum Fisheries Agency between 2004 and 2008. Ms. Mauli graduated with a Masters of Science in Marine Biology at the University of Auckland in 2010 and worked as the Marine Scientist at The Nature Conservancy till 2014. She has taken the lead as CEO of SICCP since August 2014 till present.

Annie – SICCP
Finance Manager
Ms Annie Ataria is SICCP’s Finance Manager and oversees the finance administration of the organization. Ms. Ataria attended collage at Onalaska, USA in 1997 and had worked previously with Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) (2008-2010), GRP & Association (2010-2013) before taking on the position of the Finance Manager at SICCP in June 2013.

Albert – SICCP
SICCP Partnership Coordinator
Mr. Albert Kawatalae is SICCP’s Partnership Coordinator and oversees the community based organizations’ partnership with SICCP. Mr. Kwatalae graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of the South Pacific in 2010. Prior to working under SICCP Mr. Kwatalae was involved in the Marovo-University of Queensland program and was based at Marovo before joining the Honiara office in 2014. Mr. Kwatalae is also the president for Solomon Islands Rangers Association (SIRA), currently accommodated under SICCP.

Cozy – SICCP
Project Coordinator – Dugong & Seagrass.
Mr. Corzzierrah Posala currently coordinates the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project under SICCP. Mr Posala has recently completed his Masters of Science in Biology with the University of the South Pacific. Mr. Posala is based at the Honiara Office and collaborates with national partners and stakeholders on implementing project activities.

Nixon – SICCP
Project Coordinator – Pacific American Climate Fund.
Mr. Nixon Tooler is SICCP’s project coordinator for the USAID Pacific Climate Change Fund Project. Mr. Tooler graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Pacific NGO Management from Unitec in 2013. Prior to joining SICCP, Mr. Tooler worked with UNDP. Mr. Tooler is with SICCP for over year now and heads the SICCP Munda Office while coordinating project activities.

Remmy – Copy
Marovo Programme Officer.
Mr. Remmy Papae is the current Marovo Programme Officer. Mr Papae graduated with a certificate in Environment Studies at the Solomon Islands National University in 2013. He was with WorldFish in 2014 before joining SICCP in 2015 working with communities in the Marovo Programme. Mr Papae now heads the SICCP Batuna Office in Marovo and collaborates with other partner NGO’s and Institutions on current work done in Marovo.

Marovo Logistics Officer
Marovo Programme Logistics Personnel.
Mr. Morgan Jimuru is the current logistics and transportation officer for the Marovo Programme. He oversees the overall logistics and transportation details in the Marovo Programme. Mr. Jimuru is an experienced and skilled out-board motor skipper and is well versed with traveling routes in the Western Province.

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