What We Do

Our conservation efforts and support for sustainable management of resources in the Solomon Islands is mainly with our local community partners. Our work is divided into the Western and Eastern Network.

Western Network:

In Kolombangara we work with Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association (KIBCA) in promoting and encouraging sustainable use of natural resources by providing financial support for the local rangers and the management of KIBCA. The sustainable use of resources is aimed on the biodiversity on the island. Through our core-funds, SICCP is currently working and supporting KIBCA’s ambitious focus on conserving the area above 400 meters on the islands and ultimately registering the area under the Protected Area Act.

We work with Tetepare Descendants Association (TDA) in supporting rangers in monitoring activities. We also, facilitate and support international researchers in accessing TDA resources. Support from the core-funds we receive allow for a scholarship scheme that supports TDA children attending primary and secondary schools in the country.

In the Marovo Network, we currently work with five (5) communities; Zaira, Biche, Chubikopi, Akara-Takuti. We support the development of management plans that ensures sound sustainable governance of resources within these communities. Through our existing core-funds we provide financial support for monitoring and educational programmes within these sites. Our greatest effort is ensuring the building of governance and financial capacity within these communities.

Eastern Network:

In the Eastern region of the Solomon Islands we currently work with Kahua Association (KA) and Tawatana Community Conservation and Development Association (TCCDA). Our partnership with these two communities in Makira Province is solely to build their functional capacity with governance and finance structures with grant support from various donors.

National Network:

The SICCP also collaborates with theSolomon Islands Government primarily through the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Disaster Management, and the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in assisting to implement the national framework on community based resource management, sustainable management of natural resources, species and habitat conservation.

We also collaborate with other stakeholders in the country to conduct and achieve underlying aims of the organization while contributing to the implementation of shared concerns and operations towards the benefit of community interests.

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